Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Consciousness Paradox

I know that I am conscious. This presents me with a problem and a paradox and hence much confusion.

If consciousness is or is a product of the processes in the brain, but does not itself effect the brain, how can I know that I am conscious?

Edit on the 6th of September 2010:

Assuming that consciousness is directly related to the brain in that one's conscious experience is directly related to specific processes occurring within the brain, this 'problem' is solved by allowing that self-conscious beings' brains, or select areas of their brains, have areas that are stimulated by the stimulation of another area in such a way that one is aware specifically of entire thoughts and experiences. Put another way, when an area of one's brain becomes active due to a specific thought or feeling, another area is activated specifically by the activation of the first in a way specific to this original thought or feeling such that (our assumption being that there is a direct relationship between brain activity and consciousness) one can think about said thought or feeling as a definite 'thing'.

Make any sense? Any whatsoever?