Friday, 17 April 2009

An Introduction...

... Be it brief, I have a tendency to fill pages.

I would like to start by explaining what I shall not be putting in this blog. Perhaps that seems a rather negative beginning to this exposition, we shall see. Informing you of what I ate for breakfast today is not on my priority list, despite humanity's strange fascination with the lives of others I'm sure you're not interested and I know that I most certainly am not; oh, I haven't eaten a scrap so far today, thank evolution for lie-ins!

Evolution? Shouldn't that be "thank God for lie-ins"? I hope you've gleamed by now that my life won't be the feature story here, because I'm moving on. On to what I shall be discussing! I find writing one's thoughts down clears things up wonderfully, so it is my main aim of creating this blog to provide a canvas on which I can polish my thoughts. Which thoughts? To hammer in my earlier point, I hope you're not interested in the those so crucial mundane thoughts that are so dull to most of us. I like to think: to philosophise, to contemplate and to wonder. These thoughts are interesting! I hope you will find yourself agreeing.

My reason for the 'aforemention' of evolution should be obvious now: I've been thinking about it. It's something that I had accepted, but had questions about. Research over the last couple of weeks has answered those initial questions and really had an impact on me. Further, I've been endeavoring to extend my understanding of the impossible. Consciousness. Moreover, the link between consciousness and the biology and chemistry of the brain. More on these in later posts.

Of course this won't be the limit of the content here, I'm just giving you and idea of what might come later, and the sort of thing I've been thinking about of late. Who knows, I may touch on the purpose of life sooner or later!

You may be wondering what kind of introduction this is that spares the introduction of myself. But you see, it isn't important who I am, what I look like or what religion I follow (or not). From my words you will find yourself with a partial mental image of me, unless perhaps you're autistic or tending that way. I would like to keep it that way.

There, that seems about right!